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Sun Not Yellow

Modern Indie Rock with Soul and Groove

Under the modern Indie Rock suit that adorns Sun Not Yellow, exists many musical spirits.  Among them are the spirits of Soul, Alt Pop, Desert Rock, Folk, Americana, and Rock and Roll.  They have been compared to the likes of Pavement, Alabama Shakes, The Strokes, Death Cab for Cutie, and Cage The Elephant by fans across the country.  Making music together for over a decade since meeting in college, members Jesse Barki, Cory Paternoster, and Caden Myers have been dedicating themselves to this project since 2017, sharing their vulnerable lyrics and their dedication to a sound and experience that transcends description, with confidence.  The three piece has put out two EP’s and two full length records in that time frame. They are excited to cascade into the culmination of their past work that is their self-titled record Sun Not Yellow, due out Summer 2024.


The Kids Are Back AgainSun Not Yellow
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Sun Not Yellow has traveled up and down the East coast, out to the Midwest, and down South repeatedly. Major cities include Chicago, Milwaukee, Austin, Dallas, New Orleans, Kansas City, Cleveland, Raleigh, Philadelphia, New York and more.

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